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Dr. Yading Li

Senior Associate

Dr. Yading Li is a scholar and educator in the study of Christianity from Nanjing, China where he served as a professor for many years. In the late 1980s, Dr. Li came to the U. S. and completed a Master of Theological Studies at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, Illinois; and Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. In 1990, Dr. Li returned to China for eight years of service in theological education, teaching and researching the history of Chinese Christianity, and serving as the Dean of Students at Nanjing Theological Seminary. During the same period, he also served as the Executive Secretary, and Deputy Director of the Church Governing Committee of the China Christian Council. In 1998, Dr. Li came to the U. S. again as a visiting scholar for one year at Yale University, in the Overseas Ministries Study Center, focusing on the history of Chinese Christianity. In 1999, he began study at Fuller Theological Seminary under Professor Dr. Paul Pierson, and completed his Ph. D. in Church History in June 2004, when his dissertation received the annual History Award.

As a senior associate with the Global China Center, Dr. Li now serves as the Managing Director for the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity based in New Haven .

In the past two decades, Dr. Li wrote over fifty essays, lectures, Bible studies and sermons, both in Chinese and English, with publications in several magazines and journals. He also completed In the Steps of Pilgrims: The Biographies of the Spiritual Giants in Church History (Vol. I), and translated Hans Kung's Where is Christianity Going? into Chinese.