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Christianity and China's Moral Crisis

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle January 7, 2016
About forty scholars gathered from all over China to attend an important Conference on “Christianity and Moral Construction in Modern China,” November 7-9 at Renmin (People’s) University in Beijing.

Respect for Chinese Culture: The Example of Hudson Taylor, Part Two

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle November 6, 2012
Hudson Taylor loved the Chinese people and did all he could to identify with them; he possessed the greatest possible admiration for their long and illustrious civilization; and he required all his missionaries to learn as much as they could about Chinese culture and religion.

Respecting Chinese Culture: The Example of Hudson Taylor, Part One

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle October 30, 2012
What was Hudson Taylor’s attitude towards Chinese culture? In the words of our conference theme, how did he change and adapt himself as he sought to serve Christ among the Chinese?

China's Christian Legacy Reborn

By Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin November 29, 2010
Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin, sharing stories of Chinese believers serving society as "salt and light" — both then (1910 ff.) and now, 100 years later — at the "Worldview for World Healing" conference sponsored by the Wilberforce Academy, St. Paul, Minnesota, October 2010.

The Bible and Harmonious Society

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle July 9, 2010
Does the Bible have anything to say about creating a harmonious society? Yes, according to a number of scholars who convened recently in Beijing for an international colloquium entitled, “Ancient Wisdom and Harmonious Society.”

John Song: Bringing Peace Amidst Chaos

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle January 24, 2010
From this brief examination of the life and ministry of John Song, we see how he, along with many other Chinese Protestants in the same era, brought peace, calm, and even joy and hope, in a world wracked by chaos and suffering.

U.S.-China Relations and the Church

By Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin August 25, 2009
There has always been a close correlation between the state of U.S.-China governmental relations, and Chinese official attitudes toward Christianity and the treatment of the Chinese church. A brief historical review illustrates this.

Between Two Worlds: J. Hudson Taylor and the Clash between British and Chinese Customs, Cultures, and Laws

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle July 20, 2009
Hudson Taylor believed not only in the theological truth of Christ's incarnation, but also in its missiological necessity and the numerous practical advantages which flowed from following the example of Christ.

Chinese Society and Religion in the Twenty Years since Tiananmen

By Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin July 12, 2009
With the growth of an urban middle class, there is underway a re-birth of an autonomous civil society in China. Two major developments have together shaped the Chinese society of today

China Rising in Historical Perspective, Part II

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle June 3, 2009
In the light of all this, we can see that China’s rise presents both opportunities and challenges to the Christian church.

China Rising in Historical Perspective, Part I

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle May 9, 2009
In this article we shall ponder the rise of China in the context of history, in order to reflect upon our possible responses and roles in this tectonic geo-political shift. Moving quickly over continents and centuries, I shall make five observations about rising China, and conclude with some suggestions for both Western and Chinese Christians.

Culture and Religion: How “Chinese” Is Protestantism in China?

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle March 14, 2009
That Protestantism has become a Chinese religion is demonstrated by its history; indigenous leadership; contextualized literature; rapid growth; geographical distribution; numerical strength; social impact; self-propagation; and official status. I shall expand on this statement briefly before talking about just how culturally “Chinese” this relatively new faith in China is.

Chinese Biblical Studies: Issues in understanding and interpretation

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle February 5, 2009
A colloquium on Chinese biblical studies sponsored by the Center for the Study of Christianity in China, King’s College, London, was held January 17th-21st. This symposium showcased some of the fine scholarship being done by Chinese around the world. One of the largest such gatherings in recent decades, it both marked the progress of biblical studies by Chinese and advanced the conversation in a number of key areas

Greater China's Great Transformation

By Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin March 19, 2008
Let me start by explaining the choice of terms used in my title: “Greater China” refers to the Chinese diaspora of traders, emigrants and political exiles from the coastal provinces – including many Christians --who played a very important role...

Chinese Christians and the Government

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle September 6, 2007
The purpose of this brief paper is to explain the existence of the Three Self-Patriotic Movement/China Christian Council and the resistance of the government to unregistered house churches.

Changing China and You

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle July 10, 2007
In 1962, China had just stunned the world by testing its first atomic bomb. Its ruler Mao Zedong had not yet launched the Great Cultural Revolution, but would soon unleash millions of young people upon China to smash all that...

Faith-Based Organizations: Invisible Partners in Developing Chinese Society

By Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin February 14, 2007
In my presentation today, I will highlight the growing importance of faith-based NPOs (nonprofits) in China, both domestic and foreign, in shaping a rapidly changing society.

Engaging a Global Chinese Society and Culture

By Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin January 16, 2007
A Kingdom perspective could help adjust official U.S. foreign policy to better support bilateral social interaction, and inspire unofficial nongovernmental actors to develop a more fruitful engagement strategy.

The Chinese Church in Context: Crisis and Opportunity

By Dr. G. Wright Doyle June 28, 2006
In the vast hinterland where 800 million peasants dwell, isolated, tiny meetings in humble homes have multiplied into mighty networks with thousands of churches and millions of members governed by widely-networked leaders.

The Legacy of Chinese Christianity and China's Identity Crisis

By Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin March 10, 2006
I would like to begin with a review of the history of God’s interaction with the Chinese people, including the centuries-long efforts to bring the Gospel to China since most Americans, even most Chinese people, are very unaware of the long legacy of Christianity in China.

New Regulations on Religion

By Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin March 16, 2005
Statement of Carol Lee Hamrin, Monday, MARCH 14, 2005 on NEW REGULATIONS ON RELIGION for the U.S. Senate - House of Representatives Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Washington, DC.

Re-Thinking Religion as Social and Cultural Capital

By Dr. Carol Lee Hamrin January 17, 2005
We need to understand, and gear our policy to, the PRC’S outdated and unpopular framework for religious policy, and the internal debate about it since 1987-88 attempt to draft a religion law.