Our purpose is to build the Chinese church and to reach non-Christian intellectuals and other “influencers” in China to see and embrace the positive role that Christians have played, and can play, in their society.

Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity


The BDCC is our flagship project. This Web-based repository of accounts of Christians – both Chinese and foreign – who have made a contribution to Chinese church and society is meant to be a major resource for all who are interested in this wonderful story (

We have nearly 500 stories in English, and another 250 stories in both traditional and simplified Chinese. We have already seen very encouraging response to this strategic initiative.

Studies in Chinese Christianity

Studies in Chinese Christianity, edited by Carol Lee Hamrin and G. Wright Doyle, is being published by Wipf & Stock under their Pickwick label. It features works of substantial scholarship, including historical and sociological studies and theological reflection, and translations of major Chinese works.

These books will enable readers around the world to understand what is arguably the most explosive growth of any church in Christian history, one which continues unabated today.

Volumes in Print:


  • The Translation of the Bible into Chinese: The Origin and Unique Authority of the Union Version

  • History of Missions in Guangxi

Salt and Light

The “Salt and Light” series offers in-depth portraits of Chinese Christians who have made a significant contribution to their society. The BDCC aims for breadth and so articles are necessarily brief. “Salt and Light” will achieve depth by longer mini-biographies of the career and impact of a few major personages.

Three volumes have been published in English. The first volume has been published in Chinese; the reception to it has been very enthusiastic. Portions of Volumes 2 & 3 have been published as a second volume in Chinese.