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China’s Next Generation: New China, New Church, New World

Review by Dr. G. Wright Doyle April 21, 2014
Since the opening and reform initiated by Deng Xiaoping in 1978, China has been transformed into a major economic power. Urbanization and a rising living standard have combined to create a new middle class. Likewise, the Chinese church has exploded with unprecedented numerical increase. Recently, the center of gravity and growth of the church has moved from countryside to the cities, and its leaders face the challenge of seeking to be “salt and light” in every sector of society and joining the worldwide Christian community in fulfilling the Great Commission. Continued »

The Bible in Hudson Taylor's Life and Mission, Part II

Review by Dr. G. Wright Doyle March 28, 2014
This excellent study by Christopher Wigram examines Hudson Taylor’s biblical interpretation and application to personal life and cross-cultural missions, especially in the light of wider currents of teaching on Christian discipleship and effective missionary work. Drawing upon a broad array of primary sources, supplemented by more recent publications about the nineteenth century missionary movement, the author paints a detailed picture of Taylor’s Bible-based spirituality and its impact upon his life as a bearer of the gospel to the Chinese. Continued »

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The New Contexts and Challenges in China Today

By Kevin Xiyi Yao January 7, 2014
The context in which the Chinese Church lives is a fast-changing one. As China undergoes drastic social and cultural changes, the Church there is facing new realities and challenges. If the overseas churches continue to walk along with the Chinese Christians in a constructive way, it is absolutely necessary to understand the Chinese Church’s current dynamics in Chinese society and culture, and to adjust their approaches and strategies accordingly. Continued »