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The Chinese Church: The Next Superpower in World Mission

Review by Dr. G. Wright Doyle July 23, 2014
In this important article, Kevin Xiyi Yao, Associate Professor of Global Christianity and Asian Study at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, addresses both the prospects for Chinese cross-cultural missions and the challenges facing this nascent movement. Continued »

Confucius and Christ: Conflict, Compromise, or Communication?

Review by Martha Stockment May 5, 2014
The spring issue of ChinaSource Quarterly focuses on the role of Confucianism among Chinese today. Recognizing that as the influence of Confucianism in China continually grows, conflict could arise between Christianity and Confucianism, the authors in this issue give background information about Confucianism and provide a Christian understanding of its teachings. Continued »

~ Featured Analysis ~

The New Contexts and Challenges in China Today

By Kevin Xiyi Yao January 7, 2014
The context in which the Chinese Church lives is a fast-changing one. As China undergoes drastic social and cultural changes, the Church there is facing new realities and challenges. If the overseas churches continue to walk along with the Chinese Christians in a constructive way, it is absolutely necessary to understand the Chinese Church’s current dynamics in Chinese society and culture, and to adjust their approaches and strategies accordingly. Continued »