New Testament Reference Works in Chinese

One of the signs of the growing maturity of worldwide Chinese Christianity is the explosion of solid Chinese biblical scholarship, especially outside of mainland China. These works are not generally known or available in China, but can be easily obtained in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the West.This list of New Testament reference works is divided into two parts: New Testament Commentaries (PDF 600kb) and Other New Testament Reference Works (PDF 636kb).They are meant to point towards the riches of contemporary Chinese biblical scholarship. Though some superb studies by Western scholars will be found in these pages, we should also note the increasing volume of high-level biblical scholarship being done by Chinese. This is a trend most heartily to be welcomed.My hope is that this compilation of resources will spur us all to greater diligence in the study of the New Testament, standing as we do on the shoulders of “mighty men” (and some women, too!).

ArticlesJason Truell