A. Publications

  1. Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity: Phase Three

    Launched in 2005, the online Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity (BDCC) has become a trusted and even authoritative source for information about the spread of Christianity among Chinese around the world, especially in Mainland China.

    The English page has well over five hundred short biographies of both famous and also lesser known figures, both Chinese and Western. There are close to three hundred original articles on the Chinese page, most of them written by our Chinese Editor, Dr. Yading Li. These are available in both traditional and simplified characters.

    We are constantly adding stories to the BDCC and updating the website. To pay writers, editorial assistances, and web management, we rely on ongoing donations.

    • Need for 2019: $3,000

  2. Studies in Chinese Christianity
    We continue to receive requests to publish new manuscripts. The cost for publishing each volume includes expenses for editorial assistants, proofreading, and typesetting.

    • Need for 2019-2020: $2,500

B. Capacity-building

  1. Conference attendance
    To build relationships with both Chinese and Western scholars, we need to be able to attend, and make presentations at, conferences in the West and in Asia.

    • Need for 2019: $2,500

  2. Travel by the General Director
    To stay in touch with our associates and to maintain a current understanding of the situation in China and Taiwan, Wright Doyle must occasionally travel to Asia and other places.

    • Need for 2019-2020: $4,000