Christianity in China: Some Recent Books

The following is a list of some of the scholarly books related Christianity in China that have appeared in the last fifteen years. Many more could have been included.

GCC Studies in Chinese Christianity

  • Cook, Richard R., and David W. Pao, eds., After Imperialism: Christian Identity in China and the Global Evangelical Movement.
  • Hamrin, Carol Lee and Stacey Bieler, eds., Salt & Light: Lives of Faith that Shaped Modern China. Three Volumes.

Other books

  • Aikman, David, Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power. (Review)
  • Bays, Daniel H., Christianity in China from the Eighteenth Century to the Present. (Review)
  • Bays, Daniel H. and Ellen Widmer, eds., China’s Christian Colleges.
  • Bays, Daniel H., A New History of Christianity in China.
  • Broomhall, A.J., The Shaping of Modern China: Hudson Taylor’s Life and Legacy, two volumes (a reprint of the original seven-volume Hudson Taylor and China’s Open Century). (Review)
  • Cao, Nanlai, Constructing China’s Jerusalem: Christians, Power, and Place in Contemporary Wenzhou.
  • Chang, Lit-sen, Asia’s Religions: Christianity’s Momentous Encounter with Paganism, translated by Samuel Ling. (Review)
  • Charbonnier, Jean-Pierre, Christians in China: A.D. 600 to 2000. (Review)
  • Dunch, Ryan, Fuzhou Protestants and the Making of a Modern China, 1857-1927.
  • Faries, Naathan, The "Inscrutably Chinese": Church How Narratives and Nationalism Continue to Divide Christianity.
  • Flynt, Wayne, and Gerald W. Berkley, Taking Christianity to China: Alabama Missionaries in the Middle Kingdom, 1850-1950.
  • Girardot, Norman J., The Victorian Translation of China: James Legge’s Oriental Pilgrimage.
  • Griffiths, Valerie, Not Less than Everything: The courageous women who carried the Christian gospel to China.
  • Hamrin, Carol Lee, God and Caesar in China: Policy Implications of Church-State Tensions.
  • Hancock, Christopher, Robert Morrison and the Birth of Chinese Protestantism. (Review)
  • Harvey, Thomas Alan, Acquainted with Grief: Wang Mingdao’s Stand for the Persecuted church in China. (Review)
  • Huang, Paulos, Confronting Confucian Understandings of the Christian Doctrine of Salvation (Studies in Systematic Theology). (Review)
  • Keating, John Craig William, A Protestant Church in Communist China: Moore Memorial Church in Shanghai, 1949-1989.
  • Ku, Wei-yang and Loen De Ridder, eds., Authentic Chinese Christianity: Preludes to its Development.
  • Lai, Pan-chiu and Jason Lam, eds., Sino-Christian Theology.
  • Lambert, Tony, China’s Christian Millions.
  • Lian, Xi. Redeemed by fire: The Rise of Popular Christianity in Modern China. (Review)
  • Liao, Yiwu, God is Red.
  • Ling, Samuel, Chinese Intellectuals and the Gospel.
  • Lutz, Jessie, Opening China: Karl F.A. Gützlaff and Sino-Western Relations, 1827-1852. (Review)
  • Moffett, Samuel Hugh, A History of Christianity in Asia, two volumes. (Review)
  • Ng, Peter Tze Ming, Chinese Christianity: An Interplay between Global and Local Perspectives.
  • Ruokanen, Mikka, and Paulos Huang, eds., Christianity and Chinese Culture. (Review)
  • Standaert, N., and R. G. Tiedemann, eds., Handbook of Christianity in China: 1800 to the Present.
  • Uhalley, Stephen, and Xiaoxin Wu, China and Christianity: Burdened Past, Hopeful Future. (Review)
  • Xin, Yalin, Inside China’s House Church Network: The Word of Life Movement and Its Renewing Dynamic. (Review)
  • Yang Huilin and Daniel H. N. Yeung, eds., Sino-Christian Studies in China.
  • Yeo, Khiok-khng (K.K.), Musing with Confucius and Paul: Toward a Chinese Christian Theology.
  • Yeo, Khiok-khng, (K.D.), What Has Jerusalem to do with Beijing?: Biblical Interpretation from a Chinese Perspective.

Religion in China and East Asia

  • Ashiwa, Yoshiko, and David L. Wank. 2009. Making Religion, Making the State: The Politics of Religion in Modern China. Stanford, Calif: Stanford University Press.
  • Chang, Lit-sen, Asia’s Religions: Christianity’s Momentous Encounter with Paganism, translated by Samuel Ling.
  • Chau, Adam Yuet. 2006. Miraculous Response: Doing Popular Religion in Contemporary China. Stanford, Calif: Stanford University Press.
  • Goossaert, Vincent, and David A. Palmer, The Religious Question in Modern China.
  • Lumsdaine, David Halloran. Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Asia.
  • Mayfair Mei-hui Yang. 2008. Chinese Religiosities: Afflictions of Modernity and State Formation. Berkeley: University of California Press.
  • Nedostup, Rebecca. 2009. Superstitious Regimes: Religion and the Politics of Chinese modernity. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Asia Center.
  • Poceski, Mario, Introducing Chinese Religions. (Review)
  • Von Glahn, Richard, The Sinister Way: The Divine and the Demonic in Chinese Religious Culture. (Review)
  • Yang, Fenggang, and Joseph B. Tamney. 2005. State, Market, and Religions in Chinese Societies. Religion and the social order, v. 11. Leiden: Brill.
  • Yang, Fenggang, Religion in China: Survival and Revival under Communist Rule.
  • Yang, Fenggang, Confucianism and Spiritual Traditions in Modern China and Beyond (Religion in Chinese Societies)

World Christianity (including Christianity in China)

  • Irvin, Dale T., and Scott W. Sunquist, History of the World Christian Movement. Volume 1: Earliest Christianity to 1453.
  • Robert, Dana, Christian Mission: How Christianity Became a World Religion. (Review)
  • Sanneh, Lamin, Disciples of All Nations: Pillars of World Christianity. (Review)
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